Color is key to almost every identity and one company is key to color.  Most people have heard of Pantone as it refers to a useful tool for matching or selecting colors.  Pantone got its start in the 1950’s as a printing company.  Now they are the king of color, allowing for the most accurate and extensive selections of color for applications from painting your walls to product design.

Their PMS (not that PMS) or Pantone Matching System provides a standardized color reproduction system for getting the right color for your use.  The majority of anything you see printed uses the PMS to ensure proper color production.  They even have a Color of the Year to promote trending tendencies in society for one color.  Last year it was Emerald Green.

What I love about Pantone is not just that they are the Authoritative Voice in color or that they have an historic status of time-proven excellence.  But I also love how they have taken a service for designers and brought it into mainstream use.  Pantone has captured the social intrigue and retail market, making its colors palette available and giving everyone the power to “color” your own world.

You can now find a wide range of Pantone products, such as iphone and ipad covers, in endless colors.  I have a Blue #7461 coffee mug I use everyday.  Allowing me to color my world.

images pantonePantone-2014-3

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