Dwell Studio


Started in 2000, Dwell Magazine has been an effective advocate of modern, residential design.  Even the term “Dwell Modernism” can describe the popular aesthetic showcased in their pages.  Dwell Studio is a newer addition to the Dwell enterprise which comprises the sale of housewares, fabrics, furniture, and home accessories.  They bring a modern language to the more typical Pottery Barn, West Elm and Crate and Barrel catalogs we all get in the mail.  Their designs refer to earlier modernism but are also tastefully mixed with some classical foundations.  Their linens and fabrics are unique and stylish and their furniture is attractive and refined.

I remember when pregnant with my first child, shopping for newborn furniture and decor, I only wanted a crib with an orthogonal, straight profile — it was impossible to find.  Now Dwell Studio makes not only this crib, but beautiful nursery decor without all of the fussy frill and ornament that many have.  Even their children’s bedding design is simple, graphic and attractive.

Dwell Studio brings a new language to home decor that I think many will appreciate.



DwellStudio-Mid-Century-French-White-Crib DwellStudio-Matador-Pillow
DwellStudio-Owls-Bumper DwellStudio-Arbor-Outdoor-Rug
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