Orange County House



This is one of my favorite houses built in the last ten years.  Architect Phil Szostak of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, designed and built this home in Orange County in 2006 for his family.  It is sited on a 3.5 acre site adjacent to a creek, a field and woods.

One of the things I love about this house is its material palette which is simple yet powerful: glass, masonry, stucco and blue slate. It is a piece of art embedded in the land, a sculptural form in shades of white.  Finely landscaped walls and paths connect the outdoor spaces to the house.  Aluminum framed storefront glazing allows for constant connections to outdoor terraces and patios.  The floor plan is essentially a ‘C’ shape which allows the surrounding landscape and light in from all sides.  The floorplan is also linear, meaning one space flows cleanly into the next along a line.  White casework, cabinetry and white marble complement the blue slate on the floors that run throughout the entire house.

The results are interconnected outdoor and indoor spaces that function domestically, and feel serene and calming.

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