Marie Thurman

serie-2005Marie Thurman is a French artist who has a degree in sculpture from the Fine Arts School of Paris.  Additionally she studied graphic arts at Pratt and Parsons School of Design.  Her artwork is abstract and she describes it as “a terrain of research in color and its territories.”  The beauty of her artwork comes from its linear qualities and its references to landscapes.

Her very graphic sensibilities lend itself well to a wide range of ceramic collections that she produces in addition to her artwork.  From dinnerware to serving ware you can see that each one of her pieces is a canvas of art itself.

I particularly like the Serie Monochrome in blues below.  On her website she deftly pairs some of her artwork next to her ceramics to showcase its inspiration.  What a clever way to make you feel like your dinnerware are unique pieces of art in themselves.  Her work is available directly from her website and at Bergdorf Goodman in NYC.


Unknown-2 Unknown-5
dish-09 Unknown-3
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