Real Modern Stucco

931 Vance Street (2)

Raleigh’s Hayes Barton neighborhood is steeped in history and architectural beauties.  It harbors a very unique gem of a house at 931 Vance Street, known as the McGinnis-Bagwell House.  In 1922 this modern house was built amongst streets of traditional homes.  The white stucco, cleaned-lined home was surely an eye-opener at this time of construction.  The architect is not known but surely they were aware of the cutting edge Bauhaus movement taking off around the art and architecture world at that time.  An addition in the back that meshes well was added on in 2005 and designed by Richard Hall.

Stucco allows for the purity and clean-form quality that Bauhaus and many early modern homes desired, making it to me, an ideal material.  When I think of stucco I immediately think of a french chateau or a traditional-styled home….but here we see how modernism, at its early roots, embraced this material.

Traditional stucco, as in this house, is made from a mix of water, lime and sand.  Today, stucco is usually made up of water, Portland Cement and water.  Sometimes lime or other additives are included today to improve workability or to achieve another property such as color, hardness or texture.  It is applied to a surface wet and dries to a monolithic, hardened material.


931 Vance Street (3) 931 Vance Street (5)




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