You Need to Know Their Name….Hope’s Windows


Hope’s Windows are a steel and bronze window and door manufacturer, highly respected and admired in the construction and design industry.  Hope’s is an old company – founded in 1912 and merged with another window manufacturer to become the name it holds today in 1932.  They operate out of Jamestown, New York, at its original 1912 beginnings. They are the largest maker of steel windows in the world and are quite frankly the best quality and most beautiful windows there are.  This quantifier comes with a hefty price tag, but used strategically, perhaps they can fit into every budget.

What is interesting about Hope’s is that they help designers achieve specific looks with the quality of a steel window. What I like about Hope’s are primarily the thin mullion and spare profile.  This obviously allows for more glass, more light and a minimalist look.  Hope’s windows remind many of us of the Bauhaus steel windows of the1920’s, yet even more refined.

What I also like about Hope’s is the ability to design for any shape, size and configuration….sure they have stock-shaped windows but if you are custom designing anything, they are the company to work with to achieve specific designs.  They have a large list of products that range from commercial, residential, institutional applications and then a range of style series under each of these.  The steel profile allows for more window area and less obstruction of the structure which can work in any style application.  I admire them for their modern elegance.

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