Channel Glass


Channel glass is a translucent, U-shaped, cast glass wall system that is self-supporting.  Why is it different than a traditional storefront or glazed wall?  Because of its U-shape, which can create a depth between 8”-20” in the glass wall, channel glass can provide great thermal performance, privacy and a self-supporting wall system.

Channel glass also creates a beautiful translucency of light while also providing complete privacy and a very modern profile.  Today the options are endless for the levels of light translucency and opacity as well as shades and colors of the glass itself.

Cast glass is made by pouring molten glass in a mold to form a particular shape before it is cooled and released.  Cast glass is one of the oldest methods in glass history, with early vessels dating to the 15th century BCE.

More often seen in commercial or institutional buildings today, perhaps in the future it will be more frequently used in residential and private settings.  Until recently Channel Glass was usually found more in Europe but its availability in the USA is becoming more prominent through Bendheim, and Pilkington glass systems

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