Brick Symphony

India brick 2

Masonry is one of the oldest architectural materials — its small module allows the designer a huge range of creative choices.  Options of color, size, texture and placement, are some of the many choices a designer can make.

In New Delhi, India, Anagram Architects pushed the creative envelope of masonry by creating a brick wall that seems to undulate and rotate from the most common brick.  Through the use of computer modeling and weeks worth of meetings between architect and masons, a breathtaking load-bearing wall was created.  The typical sized brick in India is 9”x4.5”x3” which is used here with a common cement mortar.  The visually complex pattern creates voids allowing for ventilation.  This building was constructed for the South Asian Human Rights Documentation Centre.

When a common material is used in a new or creative manner a higher level of materiality and artistry is created.  Combined with a tight budget and creative minds these architects designed an urban piece of architectural art.  Check out MFD2 for more details and all of the technical insight.



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