Copper in Singapore

Copper Singapore

This 7,879 square foot home is both beautiful on the inside and the outside due to its material choices.  The design concept was conceived from 9’ x 9’ cubes that have been carved away to create pocket courtyards or spaces where the landscape meshes with the interior.  The interior which is clad in stone, concrete and wood, acts like the luxury interior of a jewel box.

There is some obvious material love going on.  The copper-cladding has a bright aqua patina which makes a unique elevation.  A patina is an oxidation process on the surface of metals which changes its color and texture. Here it is actually a pre-patina’ed product and not naturally aged.  Copper is a lightweight, durable metal and acts as a great heat barrier.

However copper is not what I find most compelling about this house, rather it’s the use of materials inside, and the relationship to the outside, and the way the form carves space.  The lines where the interior meets the copper gives an interesting and visually rich view. The house is located in Singapore and was designed by K2LD Architects in 2009.

the copper sing2


the copper sing3

all images © Jeremy San

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